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A Digital Sound Installation

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Unity Mockups

Below are a couple of Unity experiments I have done in the past. These were experiments in digitizing a live interactive sound installation of mine called Journeys (more info below). Here, as you walk closer to the artwork, the music loop related to that piece of art will get louder. Thus, with several artworks around the audience, they can hear different layers of a larger piece at different times. We hope to expand on this functionality for Stems.

Mockup 1

Mockup 2

Previous Sound Installation work

These experiments above were an attempt at digitizing Journeys - an interactive, timed sound installation by Avik Chari, where audience members got a choice of what art (placed around the room) they liked the most. Each artwork was represented by a piece of music and interesting combinations were found as the audience picked different works - thus adding up to an audience controlled piece of music.


Stems is a virtual sound installation by Avik Chari and Sarah Elise Thompson (see below for more info about us!) that uses interactive music and visuals to engage the audience. With the advent of Covid-19, and the reduction of live performances, we wanted to find more ways to get an audience to appreciate digital forms of performance. Creating a sense of interactivity and immersion were of primary concern. 

The digital installation will be created as a web-hosted interactive video, where audience members can walk down a path through a virtual garden and interact with different objects that bring about new musical ideas - rhythms, textures, a melody (if you're lucky enough to find the right object!). These ideas will grow together as layers, just as the environment around grows as well, eventually combining into one large piece of music. The audience, in a way, are the conductors. As you collect these items (which will be flowers and plants native to countries like Singapore and Australia), you will also get a chance to learn a little bit about them. 

This environment would be created in a game engine such as Unity and then ported onto a website via Unity WebGL.


We are

Avik Chari


Avik Chari is a composer, sound designer and producer, based in Singapore.

Sarah Elise Thompson


Sarah Elise Thompson is an upcoming Australian composer and producer, based in Sydney.


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Our Work

Avik Chari is a composer and sound designer obsessed with non-linear and interactive media. He embraces the use of space as a tool for musical structure and story-telling through his sound installations and electro-acoustic works. He finds comfort in exploring the fun concoction of traditionally "classical" instruments with electronics and also composes/designs sounds for video games and film.

Sarah Elise Thompson's musical output has seen her go from appearing in indie-rock/pop bands as a singer/songwriter to a fully fledged contemporary classical composer, graduating from the Sydney Conservatorium in 2018. She composes primarily for chamber music, orchestra and for soloists, but has also worked with electronics and in mixed media. She is also a pianist and composer in the new music ensemble SPIRAL.


Recent Releases

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Sarah Elise Thompson - BIXLER 225 (November 2020)

Avik Chari - Playlists (July 2020)

Sarah - BIXLER 225.jpg

Upcoming Releases

a corrupted but teal forestAvik Chari
00:00 / 05:14
Big BlueSarah Elise Thompson
00:00 / 07:47

Our Collaborations

Take Me Home is an indie-pop song we worked on in 2019, due for release in 2021. The track features Avik Chari's electronic-pop production with songwriting and vocals by Sarah Elise Thompson. This is a work in progress. 

Take Me HomeAvik Chari (feat. Sarah Elise Thompson)
00:00 / 03:12

Pink Salt is a track off Sarah Elise Thompson's upcoming album, Self-Centre, coming out in 2021. This track was mastered by Avik Chari.

Pink SaltSarah Elise Thompson
00:00 / 05:43
Avik and Sarah Photo.jpg

Why do we collaborate with each other?

"Avik Chari and I have been collaborating together for the last two years as composers. In 2019, I connected with Avik at a music festival in the US for the premiere of two of our chamber music pieces. Soon after, I flew to Singapore where we did some recording together in the studio. We started to talk on that trip about a collaboration as a duo - to create an interactive sound installation. The opportunity to continue collaborating with Avik would allow us to gain new technical skills as artists and explore new ways of composing within the current climate." - Sarah Elise Thompson

"I first met Sarah at classical music festival and we connected quickly. We both felt a little like outsiders in a primarily American environment and also due to the fact that we had similar musical goals and ideas, that were different from the rest of artists working there. I loved her raw energy and have tried capturing it in my indie pop productions (with her on vocals), but I've wanted to see her style within the context of interactive sound installations - something I personally enjoy creating and exploring. I think her music would work well within this medium, and I am extremely interested in seeing how we can not only find further musical connections between our styles, but also discover other connections between the environments and cultures of our two countries." - Avik Chari

Dramatic Flowers