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for bass clarinet, marimba, and electronics, 5' 30"

Premiered by Evan Kopca and Stephon Davis at the Boston Conservatory, on 24th September 2018.

This piece was further edited, and performed by Transient Canvas on the album Playlists.

Playlists was recorded, mixed and mastered by Maurice Soque Jr., and released on 15th July, 2020.



Playlists is one of my first pieces that incorporated fixed media and is part of an album of the same name. It incorporates pre-recorded bass clarinet sounds, synths, trap bass and kick sounds to give a fun, rhythmic punch to the piece, over which the bass clarinet and marimba perform. The piece begins with a strong rhythmic intensity that eventually slows down to a smoother texture by the end of the piece. The electronic elements serve to create almost "super-marimbas and bass clarinets" by accentuating, repeating or adding layers to the existing sound. The players are constantly fighting with the electronics for attention, but eventually lose out, being enveloped by the electronics.

for score, parts and backing track, contact the composer or go directly to Alea Publishing.

About the album Playlists

Playlists sets to incorporate my electronic influences within my contemporary classical practices. The aim was to contextualize instruments traditionally found in the classical music world, within the realm of the modern listener by utilising relatable sounds heard in modern music.

At the same time, the album was constructed on almost with a sense of irony - the idea of streaming playlists and their effect on the structure and length of modern songs was very interesting to me. To catch more listeners and highly competitive playlists, songs tend to start right with the hook, within the first 30 seconds of music. I played around with this idea by adding hooks within this timeframe, or extended the hook right after the 30 second limit (which is what you need to reach for monetization), and just not using a hook at all. Understanding this is not important to understand the music in this album, but is more of a fun inside joke. 

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