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Liria Music Prep is a music engraving and preparation service that I founded and lead. We work as a team to accomplish the client's needs, using our combined knowledge of music notation, standard performance and recording practices, and attention to detail to provide high quality work tailored to the client's specifications. 


What we do



We prepare music for rehearsals, performances and recording sessions. We convert your scores, be it handwritten manuscripts, MIDI mockups, or notation files, into professional scores and parts that would ensure all the musicians, (even the strings) love you and your music!

We transcribe music by ear and convert your musical ideas into lead sheets and orchestrations that can help turn that idea into a fully fledged musical piece.

If you are looking for a second set of eyes on an important piece of work prior to publishing, performance and recording sessions, we are happy to assist you!


Click on a score to find out more!

Engraving from Manuscripts

Part Prep and Editing for Orchestras

Collation, Transcription, Cuts

Organizations we have worked with

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