Lucid Daydreams

for piano, percussion and electronics, 5' 15"

To be performed soon!


This piece describes my thought processes. These days it’s been a struggle to focus on the tasks at hand, and I tend to overthink everything too much. The piece starts with a wandering, but static theme, that eventually gets replaced and ripped apart by another idea. This idea slowly devolves from it’s rhythmic activity, once again to a point of undulating changelessness. The piece makes use of a mix of fixed and live electronics. The percussionist triggers samples using a pedal (or any other sort of trigger) at certain times throughout the piece. Some of these triggers also allow the piano and vibraphone to be processed live. All the electronics is process via a PureData patch, which will be provided to the performers.

to obtain the score, parts, and patch,  contact the composer.