Game Audio

As a composer and sound designer for video games, I strive to be a part of the process from start to finish. From preparing audio palettes to help you envision the sound world of your game, to implementing and play-testing audio assets to ensure smooth and accurate gameplay, I focus on providing an entire audio package. I like to approach audio in games as a game designer and developer. 





Employing interactive music can significantly enhance your gameplay and storyline. Music that is designed to adapt to the player's decisions, provide an overall ambience to an environment or loop indefinitely in a menu screen are some such applications.

Adding real-time audio feedback with the use of sound effects, be it to create a sense of realism or hyper-realism within the gameplay environment, highlight specific player actions, or assist in providing a clean, and easy to understand user interface are some of the primary goals of sound design. 

Implementing music and sound effects into the game effectively is important, whether it is adaptive music, environmental ambiences and sound effects or UI clicks and bops. I have experience implementing directly in Unity with C# scripting, as well as via Wwise and FMOD.

Recent Work
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