I'm a composer, sound designer and engraver based in Singapore, and a graduate of the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. In college, my love for learning pushed me to pursue a major in composition with minors in video game scoring and music publishing. 


As the geek I was growing up, I would always focus on making specific sound effects and music when playing with toys, and this has grown into a fierce fascination with technical sound design and implementation of the music and sounds I create, into video games. I like to bring this enthusiasm for sound-in-context when working with game developers and love the challenges of different genres of games.

As I grew older, my thirteen year old musical snob aesthetic led to me rubbing tea on my scores to give them an "antique" look. Ever since then, I've grown to love the art of notation, and making printed music look beautiful and presentable (and hopefully become less of a music snob - no promises). I've worked as a freelance music engraver for four years, while also gaining experience as a music librarian at orchestras such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Eureka Ensemble, Kendall Square Orchestra and Boston Conservatory at Berklee ensembles. I am the founder and lead engraver for Liria Music Prep, a company that provides music engraving and preparation services, and currently work at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra as a music librarian.

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